Guilty of Association

It’s true, you’ve caught us red-handed! We are the bridge for association. Let us explain.

You have influence

People want your merch because they love your 'thing', your brand, your music, your food, your team, your business. You. And because of that, they want to let the world know; by association.

What better way for someone to support your business other than purchasing something they'll use, wear, and talk about, right?

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Grow your following for free

With the power of your free Merch Window shop front, it has never been easier to let people know they can support you. The world as we know it is overrun by advertisements on various platforms and it can be hard to sift through the people that do and don't want to support your business.

The solution? It's simply a matter of showing your followers where to find your store through creative marketing on the platforms they're already using.

Let them come to you

Those that want to support you will likely be engaged where it matters most: your online channels. Your Facebook and Instagram pages have now become the home of your brand, where people can come to interact with you and your business. Are you joining the Tiktok tidal wave? Great, there are even more ways to interact with your followers!

The beauty of this is that we know these exact people are your supporters, and when it comes to marketing, it's always best to keep it simple. Sharing your Merch Window store link in plain view for your supporters to see is the best way for them to take that next step in purchasing your merchandise and helping share your brand with the world!

Some great placement options are your Instagram Bio, Facebook Bio, or Facebook Cover photo (The first thing people see when engaging with your brand).

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Exposure Exposure Exposure

Imagine someone telling you they would give you 100 local promoters carrying advertisements around your community for free. Even better, what if they said they'd pay you for it? It just seems too good to be true.

Well.. It is too good, but now it’s true. The most prominent benefit of becoming a Merch Window partner is that you not only have the people that love your brand supporting you, but they are exposing your brand to the world around them. Talk about new-age word of mouth! ..or word of sight? You get the point.

It’s the kind of brand advertising that differs from the rest. It’s the people that are known and loved in their community subtly letting others know that they stand behind this brand, enough to wear their merchandise in their everyday life; and we think that’s kinda cool.

Save the world

Without significant change, more than 150 million tonnes of clothing will be landfilled or burned in 2050 (Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2014).

If you’ve purchased merchandise before, you’ll know that there can be a whole lot of wastage. First, you might need to buy large amounts of stock to make unit prices feasible, potentially exceeding demand. Your leftover stock is eventually sold at significantly reduced prices or even thrown away, which isn’t great for you or the planet. Merch Window allows for print on demand merchandise, removing the need for bulk orders and the potential for colossal waste.

It’s a better way to sell your own merchandise for our earth’s future.

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