Your free shopfront

Your customers can easily access your free online store to make secure purchases. Let's get it looking its absolute best.

Easier than you might think.

There isn't a great deal involved in getting an online store up and running with Merch Window.
Complete these quick steps and you'll be selling online in no time.

1. Enter your new store

In your dashboard, select 'Store' from the main menu on the left.

Create store 1

2. Name and shame fame

Find the 'Store name' field and give your shop a title.

Create store 2

3. What's the address?

The Store URL field is used to give your store a unique link for you to share with your customers. You can enter something you'd prefer or leave it blank for a URL to be generated from your store name.

Create store 3

4. Make your mark

Next to where it says ‘Logo’, select ‘Browse’ to upload the logo you wish to have featured on your custom store. When your edits are updated, the logo will load.

For best results, we recommend a .jpg file at around 512px square.

Create store 4

5. Raise a banner

Next to where it says 'Banner image', select 'Browse' to upload the banner image you wish to have featured on your custom store. Your .jpg image should be between 1080px and 1920px wide.

Create store 5

6. Tell them more

The 'Description' field is where you let customers know what they've found. Tell them a little about you, your store, anything you feel will lead to them wanting to learn more.

Create store 6

7. Get sociable

You can add links to your current social media URLs for your followers to find you in other places within the Social media section.

Create store 7

8. Launching in 10.. 9..

If you're happy with everything, select 'Update store'.

Your store will now be viewable in the unique URL you have created. (i.e.,

Create store 8

9. Gotta get paid

Probably the most important step in creating an online store, a payment gateway allows for secure payments for purchases by your customers and makes it possible for us to send your payments to you.

Merch Window uses one of the largest and most reputable payment gateways online to handle our payments, and we're proud to be an official Stripe Partner.

In the section titled 'Connect your stripe account' at the bottom of the page, hit 'Connect with Stripe' to start the process.

Create store 9

You're done!

We can't wait to see what you've created and we know your customers are keen, too. Make sure you let them know about your brand new store!

Need a hand? You can reach out to our team by clicking this link.