Let's create something great

In just a few clicks you can have your designs in your free store, ready for your customers to purchase.

The fun part.

We’ve made it possible for you to get the best looking product you can, in the easiest way possible.

1. Open the design tool

Let's get started! In your dashboard, select 'Designer' from the main menu on the left.

Design product 1

2. Choose your product

What would you like your design to be printed on? Select the product you wish to customise.

Design product 2

3. Upload your file

‘Choose an image’ and upload your epic design. It'll resize by default to fit in the printable area.

Image quality is a huge part of making sure the final product is the best it can be. Follow this checklist to create a fantastic product:

  • Only upload .svg (preferable) or .png files
  • Image resolution should be 300dpi
  • The dimensions of the image should be no smaller than the desired finished size
  • If you're uploading an .svg file, make sure you outline all shapes and typefaces/fonts to make sure everything displays correctly
  • If you're seeing blocks of colour that shouldn't be there, check your files for objects that might've been 'hidden' and delete them before uploading again
Design product 3

4. Fine-tune it

Not happy with the default? Position your artwork within the printable area using the blue toggles around the image.

To place artwork on the other side of the product, switch between front or back and repeat steps 3 & 4.

Design product 4

5. Check it out?

Select preview on the bottom toggle options to view your placement without the printable area guide.

Design product 5

6. Select your colours

On the left, in the main menu, choose the base colours you'd like to have available for your product.

Design product 6

7. Give it a name

Add a title and description for your product. Stuck for ideas? You might like to describe the design itself as a title.

Design product 7

8. Give it a price

Set your price! Your sale price is completely at your discretion, and you will see a live update on the profit you will make for each sale right next to the entry field.

Design product 8

9. Save your product

Happy with how it looks? Hit save to make sure it stays in your account.

If you've already created a storefront, it'll be visible there too.

Design product 9

Stuck with your design?

Your free Merch Window Design Concierge is waiting to assist!