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John Henry

Speak Up, Stay ChatTY! Uses Merch Window to Expand Their Team of Loyal Supporters

December 5, 2023

Speak Up, Stay ChatTY! is an inspiring organisation dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Their impactful work in the community has touched countless lives, making their message a vital one to spread. Merch Window is proud to collaborate with such a meaningful cause, helping to amplify their message through custom merchandise.

Merch Window's Role in the Collaboration

Our collaboration involved sourcing a variety of products including socks, stickers, beanies, and more. We also produced custom hoodies, shirts, and shorts, handling the fulfilment of all these items. This included their popular Breakfast Shorts, a favourite among supporters. Our comprehensive approach meant that Speak Up, Stay ChatTY! could focus on their crucial work, while we took care of bringing their branded merchandise to life. You can view their store here.

Impact and Feedback

Natasha Cloak, Senior Project Officer at Speak Up, Stay ChatTY!, shared her appreciation: 

"Getting our brand out into the community is really important to us, a huge thanks to Merch Window for helping us amplify our messaging and making it so easy to do." 

This feedback underscores the success of our collaboration, highlighting the ease and effectiveness of our platform in supporting their cause.

A Partnership That Goes Beyond Business

At Merch Window, we're humbled by the trust Speak Up, Stay ChatTY! has placed in us to provide for their supporters. It's more than just a business transaction; it's about being part of a larger movement that makes a real difference in people's lives. We're thrilled to see a charity become one of our biggest selling merchants, proving that our platform can be a powerful tool for positive change.

Invitation to More Charities

We invite other charities to follow in the footsteps of Speak Up, Stay ChatTY! With Merch Window, charities can effortlessly create and sell custom merchandise, turning supporters into advocates for their cause. And there's more on the horizon – we're continuously enhancing our platform with features specifically designed for charities.

Join us in this journey of making a difference. Together, we can create a world where every purchase supports a cause, every product tells a story, and every charity finds new ways to engage with its community.

Staychatty collage scaled 661951cc4299f3e2b8643913211b9080

Show your support

Speak Up, Stay ChatTY! is a fantastic organisation doing great work. Head to their website to learn more about the valuable support they provide.