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Shopping at your store is a seamless experience for your customers. They simply visit your shop, pick their desired product, choose the size and color, and complete the checkout process – and that's when you earn your profit.

For your own purchases, the process is just as straightforward but with a unique advantage. As the store owner, you have the benefit of buying your merchandise at cost, bypassing the retail markup that includes your profit margin. This means you can get your products directly from the dashboard at a lower price.


After creating an account, its important that you've set up your store and created at least one product. If you're not sure how, you can learn more about that process in our Help and Support pages.

When you arrive at your dashboard after login, you'll be in the 'My Designs' area and all your wonderful products will be looking right at you. To make a puchase, simply click the cart icon over the product you'd like to buy.

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In the popup window that appears, you can select the colour from the available options, the size, and the quantity you'd like to order before clicking 'Add to Cart'.

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This is your cart! If something doesn't look right, you can edit quantities and remove items.

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You'll arrive at the contact and shipping information section of the process. Once you've finished, complete the fields and hit continue.

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Now you've reached the point where you can select the shipping option available to your area. Choose what suits your needs and continue to the next screen.

If you don't see any shipping options and you're shown a message that says there aren't any available, it's no problem. Go back to the previous screen and check that your postcode matches the state you've entered.

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You've made it to the final step in your purchase and all that's left to do is enter your details so our secure payment gateway can process the payment. We'll receive a notification immediately and get started on producing your order!

Thanks for making a purchase with Merch Window 🎉

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Need more?

Sometimes you might need more items at once for an event, a tour, or maybe a hen's night! There are still significant savings through our bulk order process and there's even more products to unlock.

Get in touch with our sales specialist through our bulk orders page and we'll make it happen.