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John Henry

5 Ways to Expand Your Brand With Marketing

December 4, 2023

The key to showing your customers how to get your custom merchandise is to tell them where to go. To get your message in front of them, we need to talk about the five Ws.

Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

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Who is your target audience?

Knowing your audience is integral, and who better to know it than yourself! It’s going to be those supporting your business already and those closest to them.

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Print advertisements might already be some ways you reach your customers. Leaving your link in your profile bio, posting it directly to your followers, or sharing it to your story are all great ways of reaching the people that would love to support you.

BUT we are here to help youexpand your brand, which means leaping into the unknown—raising brand awareness and building an audience outside of your existing customer base.

Using some of the creative keyword selection options on Facebook and Instagram, you can target those with similar interests to your loyal followers. If you are in the health and fitness industry, selecting keywords within your marketing campaign such as ‘Health, Fitness, Weights, Yoga mats’ within your area can bring awareness of your custom merchandise to people that are most likely to support it!

The social media superhero and founder of the trusted business strategy resource, WordStream, knows a thing or two about getting noticed online.

Take a deep dive into audience-specific advertising on Facebook with WordStream by clicking here.

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Influencers can use Merch Window to design and sell bespoke merchandise, easily monetising their audience with no upfront costs or stock worries.
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What's my audience looking for?

We’re a wide-ranging audience. Something we all look for in almost everything is quality. That’s a guarantee. Merch Window guarantees it, too.

Your audience is looking for quality when purchasing custom merchandise. We can cater to that! Our products are made by reputable brands. We’re sending products out the door faster than our competitors. You can use this within your marketing content and know you have the Merch Window promise.

Outside of that, your followers are looking to support you! So show your authentic self within your posts; they can’t wait to rock your magical looking merchandise and do just that.

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Merch Window's free design help enables influencers to easily create custom, branded merchandise, without requiring design skills.
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When should I publish/post?

There is no wrong time to post! Once you've created your store, and you're happy with the products you've designed, go and show the world.

Additionally, there are indicators that show more general social activity from followers in various parts of the day. You can use this information as a guide for when to post to grow your audience outside of your current followers and expand your brand. Our friends over at Sprout Social have some amazing insight into how you can understand this further along with a bunch of other great resources. Check them out in this article by their self-confessed cat lady and former SEO Lead, Elizabeth Arens!

You'd like something a little more long term or scheduled? Consider 'boosting' a post to get more people to see it or you could tweak a campaign to increase engagement. Meta for Business (the name Facebook wants everyone to use now) gets right into everything you should know about their own marketing and a lot of it is translatable to other social channels. Discover more about their processes here.

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Customers can shop their favourite branded merchandise anytime, enjoying the convenience of a 24-hour online store.
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Where can I measure success?

For this, we’d like to (possibly) challenge your perspective of success. It’s not always about sales, but authentic customer satisfaction. Take a look around; the more people wearing your custom products and supporting your brand in the streets means you must be doing something right… right? Right!

Of course, another way to determine how well a product is received is to follow the money and check your sales, and for that, we use the eCommerce industry’s best friend, Stripe. It’s used by some of the biggest names in online sales to collect payments, make payments and keep crucial information secure.

Once you’ve signed up to your free Stripe account and connected it with Merch Window, you’re able to track all of your sales through your dashboard easily. Log in to and monitor everything from incoming payments to orders coming in.

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Why does my audience want my custom merchandise?

People want your merchandise because they love your ‘thing’. Your music, food, team, and business. You. They want to let the world know; by association!

You have influence.

Spend some time (not creepily) watching people in the street and take notice of how many different organisations are promoted on clothing, accessories, and other personal products. You might be surprised at how much people enjoy representing a brand they enjoy for one reason or another. What better way for someone to support your business other than purchasing something they’ll use, wear, and share with their own network?

For more on how you can use Merch Window to do this and why it’s a good idea, here’s some excellent information.

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