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JigSpace Builds Team Culture with Merch Window

December 20, 2023

In a recent sit-down with Numa Bertron, Co-Founder & CTO of JigSpace, we delved into the unique collaboration between JigSpace and Merch Window, uncovering insights into how this partnership is reshaping the landscape of branded merchandise in the digital industry.

JigSpace, co-founded by Numa Bertron and Zac Duff, has rapidly become a standout in the Australian startup scene, particularly in the AR and VR space. Their innovative 3D presentation software has not only made them a leader in 3D learning and presentation but also a significant figure in the tech industry. JigSpace's collaborations and achievements have been noteworthy, including a prominent feature in Apple's Vision Pro announcement. This collaboration showcased JigSpace's work with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake, highlighting their ability to bring complex concepts to life in an engaging and accessible manner.

Bridging Digital Innovation and Physical Branding

The landscape of brand engagement is undergoing a fascinating metamorphosis, one where the digital and physical realms are no longer separate battlegrounds but converging dancefloors. JigSpace, with its pioneering 3D technology, paints breathtaking dreamscapes in pixels, while Merch Window breathes life into those digital creations through high-quality, tangible threads. Their collaboration is a testament to this evolution, a vibrant tapestry woven from innovation and purpose.

"Our approach to merchandise is driven by a desire to enhance team unity and offer meaningful gifts to clients, not something they’ll just wear once" says Numa Bertron, co-founder of JigSpace. This philosophy resonates deeply with Merch Window's print-on-demand model, a perfect antidote to the woes of overflowing warehouses and unwanted swag. Gone are the days of minimum order quantities dictating your branding strategy. JigSpace can now create custom-made items precisely when they need them, fostering a sense of shared identity and appreciation within their team and towards their clients. Imagine the thrill of a new team member receiving a personalised welcome package infused with AR magic, or clients proudly sporting limited-edition merch commemorating a successful collaboration. It's a tangible bridge between the digital dreams and the real-world connections they strive to foster.

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JigSpace co-founders Numa Bertron (L) and Zac Duff (R).

Cultivating Team Culture and Brand Presence

Bertron's insights reveal how Merch Window has seamlessly integrated into JigSpace's operations, enhancing their team culture and brand presence. The ease of creating and ordering custom merchandise allows JigSpace to focus more on their core business – developing cutting-edge AR solutions – while maintaining a robust physical brand presence. "We wear our merch a lot; it's on at the office, for in-person meetings or video conferences - all the time. It really allows our team to feel like we're part of something together," Bertron added, highlighting the significance of merchandise in fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

This isn't just about convenience; it's about infusing the digital with a human touch, transforming pixels into perks that solidify bonds and celebrate achievements. JigSpace's custom merch becomes a conversation starter, a visual reminder of shared goals, a badge of honour worn both online and offline, even within a geographically dispersed team.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Embracing Sustainability

The impact of Merch Window's services on JigSpace's operational efficiency is significant. The platform's organised and neat delivery system, featuring individually packaged and labelled items, aligns perfectly with JigSpace's preference for precision and order. "It's not just the ease of creating and ordering products, but how organised and neat everything is when it arrives," Bertron noted, reflecting on the stark contrast to past experiences. He shared a telling anecdote about a container of merchandise that's been staring at him for two years, a result of being forced to order more than needed due to minimum order quantity requirements. This scenario underscores the advantages of Merch Window's no-minimum-order policy, which not only saves time but also aligns with the company's sustainability goals, as seen in the use of compostable packaging materials.

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JigSpace is a 3D presentation platform that allows people to communicate ideas through augmented reality.

Looking Ahead: Growth and Potential

The partnership between JigSpace and Merch Window isn't just about boosting team spirit and impressing clients with personalised gifts. As JigSpace continues to soar, the potential for Merch Window's platform blossoms further. Take their free embeddable store feature, for instance. Imagine a seamless integration within JigSpace's website or AR experiences, where fans and potential clients can discover and purchase branded merchandise directly. Limited-edition AR-powered t-shirts tied to specific projects, exclusive designs unlocked by completing JigSpace tutorials, or even merch bundles curated by the JigSpace team itself – the possibilities for brand expansion and direct fan engagement are endless.

"Additional revenue from merch isn't our focus right now, but the ease of ordering for new team members or client gifts has changed my life" -Numa Bertron, Co-Founder, CTO @ JigSpace

While additional revenue from merch isn't JigSpace's immediate focus, Numa Bertron's enthusiastic "changed my life" comment speaks volumes about the impact Merch Window has had on their internal culture. Witnessing team members proudly sport their custom JigSpace gear, fostering a sense of unity and belonging – that's a win in itself. Merch Window takes immense pride in playing a role in building such a positive environment, one where the value of a strong team spirit far outweighs any potential revenue streams. In essence, this partnership proves that sometimes, the best branding comes not from logos on t-shirts, but from fostering a culture where employees and fans alike become passionate ambassadors for the brand, both online and off. It's a testament to the power of building meaningful connections and shared experiences, something JigSpace and Merch Window have mastered flawlessly.

The collaboration between JigSpace and Merch Window serves as an excellent example for other companies operating in similar innovative environments. The ease of integration, time-saving features, and focus on sustainability offered by Merch Window can be incredibly beneficial for companies looking to streamline their merchandise operations without compromising on quality or environmental responsibility. As JigSpace continues to make strides in the AR space, Merch Window stands as a pivotal partner, providing a platform that resonates with JigSpace's values of quality, innovation, and sustainability. This partnership not only streamlines JigSpace's operations but also opens new avenues for brand engagement and team building, setting a precedent for similar companies in the industry.

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